When will F-Secure SAFE run natively on Apple M1 Chips?

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I am using an Apple M1 Powered Mac and would like to use F-Secure SAFE as an antivirus. Unfortunately it runs on Rosetta 2, and slows the system remarkably down. I am really surprised that F-Secure SAFE runs on Rosetta 2 rather than native. When could I expect a natively running version of SAFE to be available? Is there any Roadmap?

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    Hello, @ihaveaquestion!

    We have native Apple Silicon support under work at the moment. Most of the SAFE components are already running natively on Apple Silicon.

    There are a few components which require a bit more work and we are currently pushing towards a Rosetta free SAFE release. Unfortunately, I don't have a clear schedule on when it's going out to the public. I am hoping we could make it happen in one of the upcoming releases during this year.

    But rest assured we understand the importance of dropping Rosetta dependency and working hard on making it happen.

    Best regards, Arthur

    Mac R&D Team

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