F-Secure Business is now WithSecure™

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Introducing WithSecure™

For more than 30 years we’ve worked with partners and customers, shoulder-to-shoulder to take on every threat that the customers have faced.

We needed a new brand that reflects the distinct identity of our B2B offering and helps better meet the needs of our customers. 

The name WithSecure™ puts good partnership at the center of our brand. It has always been at the center of our business.

No one person, institution, or business can achieve cyber resilience alone. We believe in collaborating with our partners and customers to help combat their cyber security threats. Our experience and capability, developed over 30 years, protects critical businesses around the world.

It is through this partnership that we are proud to say that not one of our customers has suffered a significant loss while we’ve been protecting them. That’s why so many of our partnerships have lasted a decade or longer.

You can find out more about the WithSecure™ vision on our public website.

When will the brand changes become visible in F-Secure products?

The new brand will be reflected in all B2B products, replacing most of the end user-visible places where the F-Secure name and the F-Secure logo are currently used. This means the new brand name will be visible in product and subscription names, URL and content of product portals, email domain, and communications, endpoint clients, product collateral, etc.

The brand change as it relates to existing products starts immediately, continuing throughout the second and third quarters of 2022. As we complete changes to transition to the new brand during this period, customers may see a mix of F-Secure and WithSecure™ in the products and portals.

At the launch of the new brand – On March 22nd 

Together with the launch of the WithSecure™ brand, product-related changes will include displaying the new brand and logo on the Business Account login page and in Elements Security Center where the F-Secure logo was previously shown. Additionally, the Endpoint Protection section in Elements Security Center will include the majority of the brand changes, including product and subscription names.

Additionally, subscription names in Elements Security Center will display WithSecure™ names with the client-side changes coming later. Some product notification emails will start using the WithSecure™ brand (coming from no-reply@withsecure.com) already from March 22nd onwards.

It's already possible to access the Elements Security Center using the URL https://elements.withsecure.com. At the moment, this redirects to the F-Secure URL, but as we progress this be the real URL for the Elements Security Center.

After the launch of the new brand

The bulk of the product changes relating to the new brand will be rolled out starting after the launch of WithSecure™ and will include things such as a new URL for Elements Security Center, additional product notification emails, and changes to the endpoint clients. We will provide updates on the status as we progress. 

We anticipate that the changes relating to transitioning to WithSecure™ will be fully complete by the end of the third quarter of 2022

Preparing for the next changes

Endpoint clients

As part of the rebranding changes, we will be updating the brand to our endpoint clients during Q2 and Q3 of 2022. This will consist mostly of visual elements such as new icons and new brands in the User interface components of Elements Agent for Windows & Mac as well as Mobile Protection.

Customers should especially note that after the endpoint client changes, any scripts or tools they use for detecting the presence of the client should be updated to use the new WithSecure™ names.


We will also be switching to using the new brand domain for automated emails (e.g. reports, alerts, and others from the products themselves) so that they come from the withsecure.com domain instead of from f-secure.com. Some of these emails (such as Business Account emails for account creation, granting access, and password reset as well as EPP device invite emails) will already start using the new brand on brand launch while the rest will transition to the new brand during Q2. 

Customers can already take steps to whitelist withsecure.com to ensure that incoming emails are not blocked.

Subscription and Product Names

We will also update the names of product subscriptions to reflect the new brand. The new subscription names will become visible in Elements Security Center first at the brand launch. The new names will also become visible in the partner portal and invoices at the start of May.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Name Changes

The new brand will apply to all business products which have not reached their end of life. Products for which an End-of-Life announcement has been made will not be updated with the new brand.

Note that in addition to the brand-related changes the name of F-Secure Elements for Microsoft 365 will be changed to WithSecure Elements Collaboration Protection.

For the rest of the products the name change consists of using WithSecure to replace F-Secure in the name and applies to the following products:

  • All products that are part of F-Secure Elements. For example, F-Secure Elements Agent becomes WithSecure Elements Agent
  • F-Secure Elements EPP for Computers becomes WithSecure Elements EPP for Computers
  • Note especially, F-Secure Elements for Microsoft 365 becomes WithSecure Collaboration Protection, Microsoft 365 edition
  • On-premise products such as F-Secure Business Suite and F-Secure Client Security will be rebranded at a later stage
  • F-Secure Atlant becomes WithSecure Atlant
  • F-Secure Atlant for Virtual Environments becomes WithSecure Atlant for Virtual Environments
  • F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce becomes WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce