FREEDOME: Individual online traffic permissions per app

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(first of all: I couldn't find a practical search option here, so please excuse potential double posting if this has already been proposed before. If so, maybe a moderator can add my posting to an already existing thread.)

I am using FREEDOME on my PC as well as on my mobile. But on the latter, I will keep FD reduced to its app scanning function, because as a VPN firewall, my favoured app NetGuard seems much more efficient in ensuring broad control.

I don't want to promote NG here (even more because I'm just an average user who is not related to its developing in any way); I'd just see it as an enormous boost for FD if it would contain features like they can be found in NG already:

  • Blocking WiFi access for apps individually
  • Blocking mobile data access for apps individually
  • Blocking/restricting/limiting/controlling even each single online address (an app tries to reach) individually

Of course, the general scanning feature for apps in FD makes much sense. But facing the fact that even serious apps often do variations of "calling home" or silently sharing user data with corporations like Meta/Facebook or similar, I would highly prefer such detailed online access settings per app in FD.

Regards, DraxX

PS: My native language is not English, so I'm sorry that my sentences seem a bit complicated, in parts with semantically/technically incorrect expressions. I hope it still is clear what I tried to say. ;-)

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