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Hi all!

I use Mac OS Monterey 12.1 and my Time Machine doesn't seem to make the back ups properly anymore, it just freezes in the middle.

The Mac support suggests that I exclude the external hard drive from FSecure Safe protection, because it may slow down the back up. But how do I do that? I can't find these kind of preferences.

Thanks in advance!

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    You should be able to exclude files/folders from scanning in SAFE preferences.

    1. Click on the SAFE icon in the menubar area (upper-right area of the screen)
    2. Select "Preferences..."
    3. Click on the "lock" icon in the lower-left corner to authorize as administrator
    4. Click "Scanning exclusions" option on "Viruses and Threats" preferences tab
    5. From there you should be able to select disk locations which will be skipped during virus scanning

    Let me know if you managed to find these menu options and if it helped with Time Machine. We can look at it in more detail if this does not help. Thanks!

    Best regards, Arthur

    Mac R&D Team


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