Scanning files stuck at 12 percent, then goes really slow.

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Ive noticed that since a few days ago whenever i do a full system scan it will go to 11/12 percent normally but then it stays there for hours, while it still scans for files it does this very slowly and does not go above this percentage and it becomes basically impossible to finish the scan. Ive also noticed it generally being more slugish when i want to scan a single file for example it will take allot longer to start and to abort it. Why is this the case and what can i do?

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  • Firmy
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    Hi @Ilias

    Thank you for your reply.

    Please do the following to fix the issue:

    1. Do clean installation again by following steps.

    1. Remove the current F-Secure SAFE.


    Step1: Click the link below to download the F-Secure Uninstallation Tool:

    Step2: Go to Application and run the Uninstallation file

    Restart the computer after this has completed.

    **If no F-Secure program was detected, proceed to step 2. 

    2. Reinstalling the F-Secure SAFE


    Step 1 : log in to F-Secure Portal using your email address and password.

    Step 2: Release current device license if its showing added.

    Step 3: Click on add device.

    Step 4 : Continue with the on-screen instructions. 

    2. Ensure that F-Secure Ultralight Core Update 2017-11-20_01 is in place.

    3. To install updates Click on Tools then click on Check for Updates.

    4. To verify if the update is installed click on view details. Please see attached screenshot for your reference.

    5. Ensure that the Ultralight Core Update mentioned above is listed, and the status is "Installed".

    6. Download and unpack the registry file from:

    7. Double click on the registry file and click on "Yes" when you are getting prompted.

    8. Restart System and try to scan.

    This should fix the problem!

    Kindly let me know if this helps.

    Thank you and stay safe.


  • Amirul
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    Hi @Ilias

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    Base on the behavior that you've explained about how F-Secure SAFE behave when performing virus scanning on your computer, it may be caused by your hard disk. But to confirm this, I may need some information about your device. Can you provide me the details of the device that is having issue maybe the brand and the model.

    Looking forward to your update.

  • Ilias
    Ilias Posts: 5 New Member have a seagate 2tb HDD drive but ive been using this for 3 years and its always been fine, recently however i backed up my drive with an external 2tb seagate hdd but its no longer connected. I doubt its related to my model HDD though.

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