Browsing protection add-on not working on Mozilla Firefox

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Here is some background information about the blocked Firefox extension:

Mozilla rejected our add-on submission on 18th of February. They notified us that our add-on is breaching their policy by 

1) not displaying a privacy consent prompt after add-on installation and 

2) the add-on executes remote code.

Our legal team's opinion was that the first item is not an issue at all, as we consider the add-on to be part of our SAFE PC product, and we handle the privacy consent during the product installation. However, we have added the consent prompt also to the add-on in order to pass the review faster.

The second item is more complex; We have code and user interface elements on the SAFE PC product side, as it serves multiple browsers and styles. However, Mozilla does not approve this so we have had to do major changes to the product and add-on architecture.

We have been working non-stop to comply with their requirements and already submitted several new versions, which Mozilla has all rejected. In spite of our efforts, Mozilla decided to block our current Browsing protection add-on for the Firefox browser on 18th of March.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes to our users. We are still working hard to bring the add-on back as soon as possible.

SAFE PC team

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