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My subscription (account XXXXXXXXX) has expired. I want to renew it. How can I do?

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    Hi @clariontez

    Thank you for your post.

    I have deleted your account number to protect your information. Kindly do not post any personal information in this community page. 

    1. ​This is how you renew F-Secure TOTAL directly from your account: Log in to My F-Secure.
    • Note: if your account has more users, please make you sure to log in with the main user e-mail address
    1. Click Renew now.
      • Note: if you don't have any option to renew, it may be that the expiration date is still too far away.
    2. On the Your cart page, select:
      • The license period;
      • The number of devices;
      • If you'd like to opt for automatic renewal in the future.
    3. Click Checkout.
    4. On the Order Information page, fill in the following (if not pre-filled):
      • Your personal information;
      • Tick the box if you are a business;
      • ZIP/Postal code
      • Select your preferred payment method and fill in the necessary details.
    5. Click Buy now.
    6. On the Confirm order page, check your details and click Buy now.
    7. On the Done page, take note of your order reference number for future reference.
    8. Click Back to My F-Secure.

    Once your payment is received, a confirmation email is sent to you. Your subscription is now renewed.

    Please note that if you have trouble in going through with the payment directly after renewing, a separate payment e-mail has also been sent to your e-mail. In that e-mail you can find a payment button, via you can pay the renewal and also change the payment method if you want to.

    Thank you and stay safe.


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