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Hello good night ,

I would like to know if your software:


is good no logs ?

what is your jurisdiction ?


Thanks very much .

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    Hi @boobooa

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    Below will be some information about F-Secure Freedome VPN:

    What information is tracked or logged by FREEDOME?

    We only analyze your communications traffic to provide you the service and to keep your data transfers clean. We do not keep any logs about connections established through the VPN service to external addresses. We cannot link the IP address of your browsing destination to you.

    Some level of temporary service logging is maintained to prevent abuse and fraudulent use which would negatively impact the service quality of our normal users. Traffic anomalies that look like a potential abuse of our service (such as port scanning, spamming, or DDoS attacks performed by our clients) are detected by our software and will be logged as well.

    Added security features, such as Browsing protection, require that the requested URLs are checked by F‑Secure’s systems to verify whether they are harmful and whether access to the site should be blocked. The URLs are checked and not logged. As stated earlier, the specific web­sites that you visit cannot be connected back to you.

    You may read our F-Secure Freedome VPN Privacy Policy on the link below:


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