Warning email. Is there a concern or an error?

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I have just renewed my subscription one day after it expired. This was done using the device with which I am pretty sure I originally set up this security. Then I logged into F Secure to check everything was working, using the same device. 

I immediately received an email which says that 'We noticed a login from a new device. If this is not you change your password immediately'. It claims the device is Windows 10 Chrome 99. However, when I look at my system 'About' it says that I have Windows 11 Home installed. I can't figure out how to check which version of chrome I have.

I suspect the error is in the automatic F Secure message but can't be sure. If I change my password I am concerned that this will signal to F secure to lock out my device and I will lose the security and perhaps access to it. Any suggestions please?  

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    Hi @RiverPaul

    Thank you for your post.

    When an unknown device logs in for the first time, the user will be sent an email notification which will contain the device's operating system, browser and location information, if available. This information is intended to help the user to recognize whether this login was them or if it is potentially unauthorized access to their account. It can be also sent when you connect to a VPN software (like F-Secure FREEDOME) and because of that you have a different IP address then usual. 

    In case you believe that the notification is not related to log in action by yourself, it's highly recommended that you change your My F-Secure account password immediately.

    After changing your password, you will not be locked out of your device or lose the security or any access to your F-Secure's subscription. If you believe the activity is not related to you, changing your password is suggested by F-Secure.

    Thank you and stay safe.


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    To detail further, the concern was whether I would be automatically blocked if I responded to the password change link on the email. Either way, have logged in via the website now and changed password.

    Would still appreciate a view on whether this email suggests suspicious activity though.

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    Sorry for the discussion.

    I can't figure out how to check which version of chrome I have.

    Usually, with any device (mobile or desktop): "Settings / Tools" logo - 'Settings' option / tab -> About Chrome -> there should be build and version of Chrome browser.

     It claims the device is Windows 10 Chrome 99. However, when I look at my system 'About' it says that I have Windows 11 Home installed.

    Sounds that 'the check' cannot identify Windows 11 yet. So, came with the generic view. Since you received it immediately after login - I do feel 'safe' about that.

    Only if you will find this kind of letter out of your activity - then something tricky and you should be concerned. So, to login into your account immediately / change password.

    You can also receive such notification - if your device will be unrecognized or location is disabled in your settings (maybe).

    So, the matter of notification is to inform you about "logging" to your account from "unknown" (to system) device. If it is your action - all is Ok. If it is not - then need to do something.

    Sorry for my English.


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