Static routes no longer working, did you implement firewall?

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Or any kind of system hooks?

I used to bypass certain domains with static gateway routes to use my local gateway instead of VPN, so the endpoints can see my real IP and connect back, this is vital for some of my services. After a recent update a few days ago, static routes no longer seem to work.

Please advise why that is. I know VPN alternatives like NordVPN has application firewall implemented so static routes doesn't work, have you implemented similar system filters as well now? Is there any way to turn it off or maybe get a OpenVPN config file to use instead?

Static routes working is one of the reasons I have used Freedome until now.

Please advise.

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    Hi @FinnHarr264

    This feature no longer works with the latest Freedome version and it was removed due to security reasons.

    Earlier on, Freedome didn't prevent applications from binding directly to the network interface and bypass the VPN that way, but we changed that approach because of obvious security reasons.

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