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So with the news about WithSecure and F-Secure seperating to different companies/businesses.

there are some rumors already about the future of F-Secure( the future consumer company ), which will go down the road that companies like Avast AVG etc.. you know some big player consumer cyber security in the field bought them.

one could wonder what will be the future of F-Secure and it's policies, the policies that some of your users are your users for them you surely know what do i mean by those privacy friendly policies.

like what if Norton or Kaspersky be the ones that acquire F-Secure. this honestly feels like there is going to be a big change in the future of F-Secure and most probably it's policies. a very unclear future at least for users.

any comment on this from the Staff/Supervisors inside Company?

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    Hi @Typicalfanboy

    One of the reasons we announced the demerger of our Consumer Business is, at F-Secure, we are convinced that our consumers and business customers are best served as two companies, with 2 distinct brands, understanding and addressing their different needs.

    We didn't just deploy products and forget our customers. We work together with our customers to defend them against cyber attacks. With over 30 years of experience in the security business, we know that no one can alone solve cyber security problems. We work together with our partners, customers, and the entire infosec community. Co-Security is our mindset to improve security capabilities and competencies. This is an honest partnership!

    Splitting the company into two, for us, is a great avenue to continue to build support and trust with honesty. Our Consumer Business has a significant size and shows strong traction in the market. As two, a bit smaller, we would serve our customers better, increase our competitiveness and react more quickly to new business opportunities. We will continue to secure digital moments under this unique brand, ensure the strong sustainability of our presence in the market.

    At F-Secure, we exist to build trust in society and to keep people and businesses safe. Our purpose remains the same. As we work in building award-winning services and solutions as a brand, we want to carry you along while you also stand as a voice using this medium as one of the channels.

    Please visit this demerger site that gets updated for more info.

    Your patronage, loyalty, and understanding are sincerely appreciated.


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    Any comment on this yet?

    @Ville @Jaims

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    Hi @Typicalfanboy

    Thanks for raising this concern and sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your question.

    We are already working with the relevant team on providing you with sufficient information on this topic. Be rest assured that it will be conveyed here once we have all the related details available.

    Meanwhile, you can read more to have a broader insights about this topic in the link below you for your patience and understanding.