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I want to ask a question, my system without edge, defender, win firewall,etc. Not really sure to install edge again tho. i am understand webview2 help fsecure, but in case i wanna install without it. if that possible install F-secure without webview2 edge framework?

  • before this i install comodo av only because compatibility with comodo fw and has stateful technology ( Switch off real time cloud a.k.a no inet connection ). It help me to saving bandwith. Is that possible to make fsecure work like that too? i just read from malwaretips fsecure kinda have a good feedback. So i wanna try it.

Thank you

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    The user interface requires webview2, so you cannot have the product without it. When you run the installer, if it detects that webview2 is missing it will download and install it automatically.

    Security cloud cannot be turned off, but it does not use much internet bandwidth.

    Database updates can be large initially after installation, but after that, if you are online daily, the product downloads only small updates during the day (size in tens or hundreds kilobytes). If you are off-line for a longer period (closer to week), then a larger update is usually downloaded (tens of megabytes).


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