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So this is not something new this is something i'm facing since i'm using Freedome like since 3 years ago so yup finally i'm here to ask about it if it's just me or not.

I cannot play games on Steam while using Freedome. of course i know it is not allowed to use VPN in Steam for buying games cheaper or abuse etc. but i'm also aware of that just "playing" games with VPN should not be a problem since some of my friends already doing it by other providers i can even name like Windscribe Nord extra extra..

now don't get me worng i can connect to Steam but when i launch my game which is Dota 2 in this case, i get absolute no ping ( like not even bad ping ) to the game servers, it's like either them blocking Freedome IPs or Freedome blocking them. this has been like this for years now.

another similiar situation is with Discord, i only can connect to Discord servers(voice channels) with a very few ( in fact only Espoo server ) regions on Freedome. most of the Regions if i choose i get "No Route" message for voice channels. this is also something that i'm experiencing for years. yup wcyd, mikko love won't let me switch to another provider. everything should be F-Secure. Sadge

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