"Schedule scan" UI that should be reported proactively.

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As many people have suggested here, the scheduled scan UI is expected to provide additional convenience.

In my opinion, for users who have migrated to F-Secure from other security software, a scheduled scan that only declares it to start seems unfriendly. At least, I found it confusing.

Also, if you turn off your PC during the scheduled time, the scan for that week will be completely ignored, but it would be more desirable if there is a specification that allows you to confirm what to do with the missed scans at the next startup.


-Tell the user that a scan is in progress by flashing a part of the main UI or an icon in the notification area during a scheduled scan.

-Warn the user that the scan will be interrupted if the user tries to shut down during the scan.

-If the PC is not turned on at the scheduled time, it will display a screen to choose what to do with the missed scan at the next startup.

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