Start a scheduled scan when one has been missed

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Sometimes my machine is switched off or hibernating when a scheduled scan is due. This appears to lose the scan entirely. This brings two suggestions:

1) If a scan is lost because the machine is switched off, to start a scan next time it is restarted.

2) If the machine is hibernating or asleep when a scan is due, wake the machine up to perform the scan and (if this is possible) return it to its hibernation state when finished. I don't know how easy (or even possible) this is in the various operating systems that you support.

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  • artst
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    I absolutely agree with this request!

    To me this is an essential function for an antivirus scanner!

    The behaviour should be to run a scan if one or more scheduled scans have been missed. This should be configurable in the schedule settings by a checkbox with preferred default "on".

  • Cale
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    Thanks for the feature suggestion. Our next release will include a new setting:

    "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed"


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