Make progress of a scheduled scan visible.

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At the moment there sees to be no way of viewing the progress of a scheduled scan, as opposed to a manual scan. This would be useful, so that a user can decide whether or not to switch off a machine which is currently scanning.

I have just switched over from using Kaspersky and I found this feature very useful.

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    Quite a nice feature request. I just want to add some thoughts or to discuss point (or if there will be any official responses). Some weeks ago - a scheduled scan was running on one of my laptops. Then, this laptop, actually, shuts down daily (by battery or even by "shutdown" multiple times). After some days of such use -I received a toast about completed Scheduled scan. So, log-report was about four or five days (time interval) scan results.

    Except that this laptop may have an option (Windows 10) to shutdown as not a real shutdown - it looks like every restart, shutdown or so action happened with a "pause" for the scheduled scan and it resumed then.

    If so - in a sense - you don't even have to care about what stage of the scan is now (unless you feel the consumption of resources and want to "cancel" it). Because it will end sooner or later.

    If this experience was a random and an exceptional event - I would like to suggest a kind of "pause" if you have to shutdown scheduled scan. And a feature to 'resume' it when further launch system.


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    Schedule scan progress (and cancel) is coming in next version. Thank you for suggesting this.


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    Thanks @Cale

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