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Hello friends. Hopefully, you are all well. This is my first post here. Guys, I have a problem with my PC. Currently, I am using Windows10. The last couple of days my PC was virus-infected, I did a virus scan with an antivirus. Please help me with the installation.

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  • Georgewilson
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    Thanks for replying and the suggestions also. Already figured out the issue after finding an article (Stated below). The earlier Windows10 was the main culprit. after installing Windows10 freshly with the help of the article, the issue is fixed.


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    Hi @Georgewilson

    Any error message?

    You may use our Uninstallation Tool to remove leftovers of the previous installation, if any, then try to reinstall Freedome VPN. Apply caution when using the UI tool else it will remove all F-Secure products but there's an option to choose what you wish to remove instead of a complete removal of all F-Secure products.

    Please share any screenshot of the error message for us to see the possible cause if the issue persists.

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