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Hi all .i have already paid for licence .i also added my girlfriend phone to my licence (sending invitation).i just bought licence for 2 years for 3 mother use Huawei p20 pro and i just wanted also to share my licence with her but when i try i have message like this - if u want to invite this person to your group ,Ask her to leave belong group and then send an invitation.My mother just registered on f -secure site few days ago.what i should to do next to share with her my licence.please answer.p.s.i use f-secure safe android

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    So, your mother with an active My F-Secure Account (trial, perhaps) which is registered to her certain email address (or her account was already part of someone's else account / invited user at the time). You want to invite her and share licences from your My F-Secure Account (registered to your certain email address). You tried to invite her through "her certain email address" (which is already used  with her trial account).

    There are some ways to sort out situation. Different options:

    • to ask her provide another email address (and send an invitation to that address). If she use any other alternative email address of course (in addition to already tried one, which is the very main probably).
    • to use 'alias' for her email during invitation. Not sure if this is still suitable and work. I mean the functionality, which exist in most of popular email providers. For example Google Mail: "addressname[@]" can be invited as "addressname+safe[@]" (where "+safe" is an alias or so thing). So, they will receive a letter and the account will be pinned to this aliased email address (however, access to that email - still as usual).
    • to login into your mother existed account and 'release' email. Described there: How do I change My F-Secure account login email address? - F-Secure Community // so, change 'required' email to another one and when 'original' email will be released - you can invite her.
    • if these options sounds too hard - you can reach F-Secure Official Support channels: Contact support | F-Secure / so, they can help to manage situation.


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