Is it still possible to do a manually scan of files on Windows 10

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I got a new SSD just after Christmas to which I installed Windows 10 since they are planning to stop F-Secure on Windows 7. I have noticed that on Windows 10 if I right click on a file there is no Scan for viruses option like there is on Windows 7, see attachments.

Is that something a user can no longer do? When I download files I always like to do a scan on them first before opening.

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  • Ukko
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    You should still be able to do this. And the appearance should be like in the Windows 7 screenshot.

    With Windows 11, there may be a slightly different situation where this option may be under "Show more options".

    For example, my own experience and Windows 10 is still about the context scan option.

    This guide: Scan in Windows Explorer | SAFE | Latest | F-Secure User Guides

    And this releases notes: What's New in F-Secure SAFE for PC and Internet Security - F-Secure Community

    with nothing about another state.

    So, your situation is about something else. Maybe bug, or maybe a certain state. Could you try (if not yet) just restart system (for sure, that all is installed / started well). As an extreme try - F-Secure SAFE reinstallation.

    There seemed to be some troubles around this - but I think they've all been fixed. Also, I had experience when the Context Scan logo was not shown under certain conditions. But only when there also was another "third party" logo in the list (from another application). I am not sure if this is the case with your situation - but... My situation was pinned to only certain places (as I remember - drives. When I tried to context scan a certain or multiple drives - logo was not visible until a third-party logo from another application was there too). Since your screenshot about 'picture'(?) file - perhaps - it should not be the case (but you can check with some other places / file types - if you did not try it yet).


  • Jaims
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    Hi @BloodyUsernames21

    I was able to reproduce this issue on Windows 11 but reinstalling SAFE fixed the issue.

    Just as @Ukko mentioned, kindly reinstall SAFE and test again. That should also work for you.


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