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😶Please add firewall in F-Secure Safe you provide the best protection but to block heavy instrutions,Online Threats and other You need to provide users a Robust Firewall like your Robust Protection Or else users will get attracted to other AV progams giving good protection with firewall.So please develop a Robust Firewall and add it in your Product.😶

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  • Kush
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    Pls add firewall

  • Jaims
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    Hi @Kush

    Thank you for your feedback.

    F-Secure product such as the F-Secure SAFE uses the Windows Firewall for basic firewall functions, like controlling incoming network traffic and keeping your internal network separate from the public Internet. In addition, DeepGuard monitors installed applications and prevents suspicious applications from accessing the Internet without your permission.

    We will move this suggestion to the Ideas board for the relevant team to have a look at it.


  • Claivinz
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    Hello, I am a new user of F-Secure Total and I really like your security solution but I am surprised that F-Secure does not have a firewall integrated into your security suite, certainly the Windows firewall is sufficient if it is configure well but I think it would be preferable to have an improved firewall in F-Secure Total with an option to know if someone is searching the computer ports in order to know if there is an intrusion taking place ! I play unofficial server games and there are a lot of Hackers and I fear for my safety!