Should I install Trusteer Rapport as well as F-Secure Safe?

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Hi, I have F-Secure Total installed. I use Safe and VPN. When I log onto my banking site, it suggests installing Trusteer Rapport . So far, I haven't, because:

-I don't know if it is compactible with F-Secure safe

-I don't know whether it adds any additional security beyond that provided by F-Secure

-there may be performance issues with the additional layer of software.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • Firebones
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    I would personally as these times of isolation people 's details are being used more & more, therefore more data is being stored, innocent as it seems company data banks are not as secure as the present flow of data. They were not designed for the overflow & overlook your security inadvertently which is leading cuts in funding, it's not sensible to assume they care or are aware of the desperate measures which some people are prepared to go to. In short it is an oversight by people that do not understand the problem & unless it happens to them or their close contacts, so it's not their priority to guard your data, sometimes it is even becoming a market for companies to sell your personal information. So in my opinion your data is not going to change, but the market for it is. I would advise you to stay with F-Secure as they are an exceptional secure service & provide numerous packages of service kind regards & good luck in these desperate times.

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