My license didnt renew

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Bought total for 5 devices from the black friday sale. Cant activate it on my account. Cant find an email for support. The chat is useless since Im at work at the times its open. Please provide an email that I can contact you at.

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  • Jaims
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    Hi @MEK22

    Thank you for contacting F-Secure.

    It's likely that you already had another account before making the new order which is why you were redirected to the existing My F-Secure login page. There's an option to delete the old account to give room for the new registration using the same email address or you can use another email address.

    I see that you have already contacted our support and we have sent you an email. Kindly reply and we will take it up with you from there.

    Thank you.



  • MEK22
    MEK22 Posts: 4 New Member
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    xxxxxxxxx thats the order nr

    PII : Certain information has been removed

  • MEK22
    MEK22 Posts: 4 New Member

    PS I also do not want to receive your spam emails such as promoted to new member. I expect I will not be receiving such email in the future

  • MEK22
    MEK22 Posts: 4 New Member

    And no the email I got did not contain an activation code that I could use at my f-secure. Opening the link (create account) in the order email just brings me to my f secure and does NOTHING. No information on how to activate on an already existing account. Seriously?

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