ID PROTECTION keep asking Master Password used in another device

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  • tml63
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    I finally exported my paswords, uninstalled the application from all machines and started from fresh installation by importing the passwords. That finally solved my problem.



  • User_20647
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    Hi @Jaims

    I have exactly the same problem, impossible to sync between my Android IDP app and desktop IDP app. It started when my mobile got broken and I had to install ID Protection to another backup phone (OS is Android 9). When installing IDP to the backup mobile, the problem started when I tried to use the fingerprint option for opening it.

    I tried your solution, so to uninstall IDP from the mobile phone and reinstalling it. But after the installation, you must set up a new password or sync, there is no "forgot password option". So when I created a new password, logged out, clicked "forgot password" and scanned the recovery code from my actual IDP desktop app where all my passwords are, I got the error "wrong recovery code" scanned. Because apparently the mobile IDP app expected to see the recovery code generated from the mobile app which had 0 passwords in it.

    Now the Desktop app also keeps nagging all the time with a popup "type in the master password in the other app" and when typing it correctly, it's not accepted.

    What else can I try?

  • Jaims
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    Hi @tml63

    I am delighted to know that the instruction helped solve the problem.

    Ensure you maximize the full potential of F-Secure ID Protection by installing it on more than one device just in case one of the devices gets damaged or stolen. You can be certain of having your passwords intact and ready to sync again.

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    @User_20647 , you said "But after the installation, you must set up a new password or sync" - If I followed your flow correctly, here you should pick the sync option and generate a sync code with the desktop app. After you enter that to the mobile app, it will ask for the desktop app master password.


  • User_20647
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    Hi @Cale

    so @Jaims proposed as solution to scan the recovery code after reinstalling the Android app. But this advice is useless because you can't scan the recovery code when you take the ID Protection into use. You can only sync or or set up a new password. Of course I tried to sync it but the master password is not accepted!

    I've tried removing and reinstalling the Android app but the master password is not accepted during the sync. I've now had Key/ID Protection during 8 years and always with the same master password. So I'm 100% sure that I have typed it in correctly.

    I now have the same problem with my previous Android phone (Android 11 (Samsung A71) ), it was broken but is now functional again. I installed ID protection on it but when trying to sync it with the desktop app, and when giving the desktop app's master password on the Android, it's not accepted!

    So I can't now use ID protection in my Android phone at all which is a pain.

    Additionally, every time I open my desktop app from scratch (using the master password), I get a popup, which says that I should give the master password in the other device. And I'm not even trying to sync in the other device but just opening the desktop app, e.g. after a laptop reboot:

    So it seems that the syncing function is somehow active all the time in the desktop app and keeps on nagging. The master password is never accepted in any device.

    To get rid of this annoying popup, I even tried uninstalling the Android app from both of my Android devices but the desktop app keeps continuing to ask the master password "for the other device". Which is weird because originally I tried to sync the passwords from the Win desktop towards the Android app and not vice-versa.

    I know how the sync functionality works, as I've used it for many Android devices. And this one is a new bug that I have never encountered and can't resolve. It really started when I took my older Android 9 device (Samsung A8) into use as as a replacement, because my Android 11/Samsung A71 got broken, and when setting up the ID Protection to use the fingerprint feature on the Android 8.

    I thought that the app would start working with my Android 11 (Samsung A71) now that I got it back from reparation but the syncing doesn't work, the desktop app's master password is not accepted. And the desktop app keeps nagging with the above popup.

    The end result is that I can't use ID protection on my Android devices.