Apple M1 and serious performance issues

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So on another post you've mentioned that native ARM-version would be coming late 2020. Still it's running via Rosetta and to be honest it's pretty much bogging system so much that I'm really, really considering to ditch F-Secure all together. Let alone the absolutely monstrous memory usage. Plus 1gigs on 8gig system is used by F-secure? Not cool, not cool at all.

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  • Jaims
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    Hi @pequ1

    Thank you for raising this concern and I can confirm that we've been able to reproduce the issue.

    The main fsavd process indeed takes up 1GB on M1 Air. We have began working on it and the fix will probably be in our next release of version 18.2.

    We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to rectify this issue.


  • pequ1
    pequ1 Posts: 6 Observer

    Ok, Maybe I'll check SAFE in future. Meanwhile I decided to remove your software completely until I hear this problem has been actually fixed. Move to Malwarebytes and their software uses about 100megs of memory and doesn't seem to hinder performance of M1 at all.

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