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Hi everybody .i will try to describe my problem shortly.i just installed an app f secure safe on Android and its number 10 ver.i still trying to renew subscription but without happy end.inside the app i have message "error - your purchase is not available now.please try later .and over and over trial period Has expired and im pis sed off because i'm in dead end..what i should to do?i tried reinstall and log in again more times.i have no more ideas..anyone can help me with this Simple problem ?

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    Sorry for my reply. I am also only an F-Secure user.

    It looks like you tried to renew/buy your subscription through installed application, but something goes wrong. However, could you try using the My F-Secure Account portal ( via browser and  try renewing your subscription using the website? Will this be possible?

    If not, you can contact their main support channels. For example, web-chat: Contact support | F-Secure

    they could check what is exactly wrong and what is the preferred way to 'renew/buy' subscription.


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