,connection issue with SAfe and iphones 6 and 8

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There's no category for TOTAL,so i start this thread here..

I've installed SAFE on two iphones,6 and 8(latest iOS possible),both active.

At the portal side( status view with both devices:

"This device has not connected to My F-Secure during the last two weeks.Check that the device can connect to the internet and SAFE app status is "Protected".


Is There a decent way to verify in more detail the root cause of the problem?

HINT.There is no problem with Internet connection and app status with both devices is "protected"...

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    Hi @JOnes

    This is quite common with iOS devices where the application takes some time to sync with the cloud on your My F-Secure especially if SAFE app has not been used in a long time.

    You can force the device to update the status by simply clicking on the SAFE app or restarting the device then refresh your My F-Secure portal. Only on rare occasion will a re-installation be needed but if the updates fail after a restart, then indeed you may have to perform a reinstall.

    So far the SAFE app shows that you are protected, then it's fine but frequent use of SAFE app is recommended to keep the status up to date.


  • JOnes
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    After starting manually the apps(safe) at the device side,status changed to reconnected and protected( .

    Is this a mandatory task for iOS devices to keep the portal status ok and protection active?...

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    ok,the new elements consumer security service resolves the issue eventually😋

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