Beta subscription renewal is lost


Hi, I ran to a problem with latest Beta because it ended my subscription and there is no renewal help. It took a while to be able to reset my password too, so it has been out of subscription around a month. And if I login it only show "Your subscription has expired." and no posbility to renewal or automatic renewal. Anyone has similar issue?


  • JariLampinen
    JariLampinen Posts: 2 Observer

    and it does update the Beta automaticly 18.2 version 5 is updated 10/11/2021 - so the issue is only in 'days left' on subscription and renewal of it. If I try to renew my subsciption I end up to a circle where I have only 'Your subscription has expired' text in red.

  • Ivan_Osipov
    Ivan_Osipov Posts: 80 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi JariLampinen, thanks for your feedback.

    I have sent you a private message. In the future, if it expires again, you could also create a bug report in

    Best Wishes, Ivan.