Why does a website not work correctly?

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I have two computers with F-secure safe installed.

On one computer a few websites don't load correctly: One website (KIVA.org) opens correct after inlogging but fails (doesn't show lay-out) after clicking a link. The other website suggest that DigiD (Dutch governemental app for logging in into governemental websites) doesn't work correctly.

The websites are not listed in

Allowing the websites in Browser safety doesn't work.

The websites are not shown in Deep-guard.

The only thing that works is shutting down F-secure.

On the other computer everythin works fine. But I can't find any differences in the settings.

What do I miss????

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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user.

    It sounds as if some of the "background" resources have been blocked or restricted. I mean, any 'subdomains' or 'third-party' domains for the webpage being visited  (like their CDN or whatever).

    At first, could I ask if your experience is about any 'family rules' or 'parental control' (or previously) with any chosen category to be blocked. If so, could you temporarily disable that rules. If need assistance about "how to figure it out" - I will try to write something. In general, it should be (at least) visible under My F-Secure Account portal. Or maybe 'reinstallation' can be helpful.

    However, if your experience is about 'adult' profile of F-Secure SAFE. Could you provide a bit more information about? For example, is it Windows platform? Both devices? And what about browsers?

    Also, if I understand correctly, then you should see a notification about the start of the Banking session Protection (flyer / area) by F-Secure. During banking protection session - some connections are restricted / blocked. Description: What is Banking Protection and how does it work? - F-Secure Community

    As such - active banking protection can be a reason for both described troubles.

    I tried to visit mentioned webpage with my beta F-Secure installation and my own setting is about some rules and restrictions. So, there were plenty resources (based on "browser console) blocked. Additionally, the very first visit the page with two different browsers was with 'homepage-classic' landing. However, any further tries were about proper view of pages. Can not check enough. So, just 'front page' / some other.

    Also what is your F-Secure SAFE version (Right click F-Secure tray logo -> "About").

    The only thing that works is shutting down F-secure.

    Disabling only Browsing Protection or part of - is not helpful?


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