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Apparently gamemode is now automatic. How does it know when game is started? I've gotten so many times fsecure info screen on top of the game now after this update where it was made automatic. Looks like it doesn't work. It should still be manual since it seems it doesn't know when you can disturb with stupid useless info and when not.


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    I am also only an F-Secure user.

    At the moment, you can vote for this feature request:

    It may also be a good idea to contact their official Support channels. For example, web-chat - Contact support | F-Secure

    Just to share which games are not detected and so on. Or if these games should be detected - why does not F-Secure game mode start (by the way, you can check F-Secure Settings where should be visible last Gaming mode session. If there is some timestamp - but during this session your experience was about mentioned 'info screen' - then this point can also be reported to Support).

    However, note that 'fresh' automatic gamemode is relied / based on Windows 10 (is it your operating system?) Game Mode design. So, this Windows Game Mode should be in "ON"-state too. By default, should be turned on (but you could double check with system Settings).



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    Thanks, I'll check on those.

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    It was the windows game mode.

  • This auto feature is a fail for many people. Whether F-Secure or Win10 is to blame is irrelevant; no software developer should depend on buggy Microsoft produts to detect ANYTHING reliably. Having an automatic ONLY game detection is not logical, and is in fact detrimental to the millions of gamers out there.

    We need the MANUAL control of gaming mode re-implemented, immediately!

    For others having same problem (auto game detect not working in F-Secure), see

    or google for terms: F-secure game mode auto fail

    or similar terms

    Thanks, please return the MANUAL game switch!

  • Windows game mode is not reliable in detecting anything.

    F-Secure auto game mode is therefore useless and buggy. Please bring back MANUAL game mode control, even if you insist on keeping the buggy Windows-dependent auto mode.

    I've used 4 or 5 antivirus software packages over the last 20 years. F-Secure, while overall a "good" product, is the only one that frustratingly REMOVES NECESSARY FEATURES (a real 2-way firewall, manual control over gaming mode, etc).

    WHY oh WHY do you continue to kill your own products? I hope you start listening to your users. I'll be moving on to a more complete product, instead of one that keeps shrinking in usefulness.

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    Sorry for the discussion.

    Having an automatic ONLY game detection is not logical, and is in fact detrimental to the millions of gamers out there.

    But if an automatic game detection will be fine - it is quite logical and for people there is less trouble.No need to turn it on or off. You just launch the game and that's it. However, the mentioned problems with the detection of a game session are not good. But, for example, in this topic, the point was that the "system" part of the functionality was disabled (own Windows 10 option).

    We need the MANUAL control of gaming mode re-implemented, immediately!

    But what do you really want, expect and crave from the gaming mode? I mean, what should it perform or improve based on your feelings?

    And for example, is F-Secure SAFE so "heavy" and unfriendly for games even without an active game mode?

    One of mentioned topics were with an example of 'unwanted' screen information. However, I really could not imagine what it really was. And how often you can stuck with it.

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    Windows allows you to tag a game (or application) through the xbox game bar settings if it is not detected. While in game, hit windows key + G (or what is your game bar shortcut). In the ui, click the settings icon and then select "Remember this is a game".


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