Trial expired but cannot add new device with a new subscription

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Hi all. A month ago, I installed a trial F-Secure SAFE on my notebook (after sign up on My F-Secure portal). When the trial expired, the installed SAFE showed me the message about the expirated subscription. Then, I bought a boxed 3 devices license of F-Secure Safe and add the activation key on My F-Secure Portal: the end of subscription became october 2022. But, after updating the license, the F-Secure Safe on my notebook continues to told me that the subscription was expired. So I removed the software from Window but it was still present on My F-Secure portal and if I try to add a new device it said me that the subscription is expired.

The current situation is as follow: my notebok hasn't F-Secure SAFE installed; on My F-Secure Portal the license for 3 devices will expired on october 2022 and it says I'm using one of three licenses; on My F-Secure Portal there is a device (my notebook, where I uninstalled the software) that I cannot remove; on My F-Secure Portal I cannot add a new device because it says that the subscription is expired.

I cannot do anything.

Ho can I fix this mess?

Thanks in advance

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  • fiammacasa
    fiammacasa Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks @Lucaseuropa for your reply. I solved the problem yesterday chatting with F-Secure Support. The problem was related to an error on the association between the final license key and my F-Secure Account.

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