Split tunnel / exclude app feature for windows Freedome

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This is second time I'm writing this to you. Why can't we have the feature that mobile Freedome has. Split tunnel / exclude app, where user can define which apps bypass Freedome. Now days I dont use Freedome on my pc because it so annoying to use. Nice to have product that you don't want to use.

Freedome on PC is a no go for gaming(packet loss, high ping), streaming (Disney + refuses to work with vpn on, Twitch lagging and stutters), Game launchers (significant loss of download speed). Its very hard to use VPN for security on PC because all of this, you have to constantly switch it on / off manually, which is insane in this day and you have the solution right in your mobile app. Its so easy forget to switch it on after doing something that doesn't work with it on.

And it's not like I'm only one asking for this feature. Read your own forums and you find that a lot of people have same problems. I doesn't help that its hard to find this request feature forum as it is so hidden in the menus. I had hard time finding this again even though I knew this page existed.

Please help us users F-secure, I like your products and wouldn't want change provider just because of this and to keep my internet usage safe ( thats what you are marketing it for).

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  • Bhawks77
    Bhawks77 Posts: 5 Observer

    One more thing, I would really appreciate if some F-secure employee would leave a comment that someone has actually read this post. It feels like we are yelling at the clouds in here??!

    Last post I made had no replies so I guess no one read it.

  • Bhawks77
    Bhawks77 Posts: 5 Observer

    I guess nobody has read this feature suggestion just like last time. And the feature I'm suggesting is found on every other VPN providers products too so its not like asking unheard of things.

    If you try to contact F-secure through other means (chat, phone) they just direct you here... Ain't that customer service!?!?