When an extra licensed device is a friend's Ipad

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I recently renewed my F-Secure Freedome subscription. I subscribe for three devices but use only two. I want to let a friend use the third license for an Ipad.

How can my friend download F-Secure Freedome and subscribe using my subscription code?

Accepted Answer

  • Lucaseuropa
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    Dear @Timofe

    When you have installed F-Secure FREEDOME on your iOS device, you can activate the code as follows:

    1. Open F-Secure FREEDOME on your device.
    2. Tap the menu on the top left corner.
    3. Tap Subscription.
    4. Tap Log in under MULTI-PLATFORM:
    5. Tap Enter Account ID under Have an anonymous Account ID?
    6. Enter your code.
    7. Tap Activate.



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