PayPal broken with Web Protection

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  • Jaims
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    Hi @GlenV @JyriJ

    From our findings, PayPal changed their Captcha service which obviously did not have the Banking Protection reputation but this has now been fixed.

    Kindly ensure your F-Secure SAFE application is up to date, then test again and let us know the outcome.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • JyriJ
    JyriJ Posts: 1 New Member

    Had the same problem today. PayPal has introduced a new captcha that is not allowed by F-secure. Captcha loaded only after disabling protection.

  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @JyriJ

    Apparently there's been some new changes from PayPal which has caused this issue to suffice.

    Our lab team are already looking into this. We will revert once there's an update from them but it won't be long so you may try it from the time you see this response or at some intervals.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • GlenV
    GlenV Posts: 1 New Member

    Not sure what time frame F-Secure are working to here but the Paypal issue extends into linked applications such as eBAY - its frustrating and annoying having to switch the banking protection off and on when trying to buy and sell (e.g. pay for postage thru a linked Paypal account).

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