has the router check in f secure been devised in such a way, that it does not scan ISP dns server

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I have tried so much times to scan with router checker tool to check my security of my router and network.

When I put opendns, googledns like public dns, the scan runs and show the correct result , it has vulnerability or not.

But when I check with other dns, for eg. my ISPs auto configured dns, then the scan never runs and always show, over load , please try again later.

this I had tried in all times in a day with the same overload result.

Why this ? How, this behaviour of overloading,, only for other dns and not to public dns.

Will you kindly give solutions to this vexed problem

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    Hi @jraju

    Sincere apologies for the issue you're facing on our Router Checker free tool.

    Have you tried to the clear browser data from all time, reset the DNS cache then try again? I may recommend you try to do that first and see the outcome.

    If the issue persists, let us know the browser and browser version you're using so we can try to reproduce the issue. Ensure you try other browsers and be sure you are using the latest versions of these browsers.

    You might want to check the below post to be sure it's not a related issue



  • jraju
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    There is no solution or answer given by the members.

    Atleast, moderators would have given a reply or solution to the problem.

    Hope to receive replies

  • jraju
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    I am using firefox browser version 92.0.1 latest version.

    I do not have any vpn service connected to my network.

    I have tried all the tricks, by cleaning cache .

    The fact is that if I change to google dns, it works fine. But when I change in to default auto configure, ie, using my ISP's, then I never get the result, and always red warning overload , I have tried in all parts of the day, morning afternoon evening and night. The result is the same.

    Would you check and give me the solution.

  • jraju
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    Hi, the problem persists for years . I bring to your notice now. My query is simple. Has the software developed or devised in such a way that it only will not flag public dns and it will not allow to be used by any other dns. Or is there restrictions of using this tool.

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