When ever I try to use the monotoring feature on the Windows app

When ever I try to use the monotoring feature on the Windows app it bugs out to a browser that requires a login.


  • LucaseuropaLucaseuropa Posts: 302 Moderator

    Hey @Martin_J_Wahlund,

    The best way is to add items to ID Protection monitoring list directly through your My F-Secure account:

    1. Log in to your My F-Secure account and select ID PROTECTION monitoring.
    2. Select Monitored Items.
    3. Select + ADD MONITORED ITEM.
    4. In the New Monitored Item view, enter your email address and select Add.  We have sent an email with a confirmation link to your email address.
    5. Select OK. The app immediately checks the existing data breaches to see if your email address is mentioned in any of them. If your email address appears in any of the known data breaches, the breaches are listed in the Monitoring view. To be able to see more detailed information about your leaked data and the recommended actions, you need to confirm your email address first.
    6. Open the confirmation email, and select the link to confirm that this is your email address.
    7. To see the details of your exposed personal information and what you should do, tap on the specific breach listed in the Monitoring view.

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