SERIOUS HELP NEEDED: Does FreedomE VPN App Affect Other Devices On The Same Network?

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I'm in need of some extreme help!

I have multiple devices that connect to the Internet via my home router. Each device is turned on and connected to the Internet 24/7, but I haven't been turning on the FreedomE VPN App because I'm VERY worried.

This is my BIG worry:

I'll have my FreedomE VPN App running on my iPad and my iPad will be given an IP from a location that I choose which is what I want so that's great. However, I'm worried that the Windows 10 PC on my home network will also be given a different IP because it's connected to the same router at my home? It's very important that my Windows 10 PC have the same local IP address because I'll be in big trouble if its IP address changes. Can the Windows 10 PC IP address be altered if the FreedomE VPN isn't running on the Windows 10 PC?

I also have an Android phone and the Android phone's IP address must be what my ISP gives it.

I guess my worry is that the FreedomE VPN App will change the IP address of another device because that separate device is located on my home network.

Any help would be appreciated!

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    Hi @Hopeful_Future

    F-Secure FREEDOME VPN works only with the client software, Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS devices.

    F-Secure does not provide the settings for installation on routers. Hence it should not affect other devices like your Windows 10 PC which is without Freedome VPN just because it's within the same network as your iPad running on Freedome VPN.


  • Hopeful_Future
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    Your message is appreciated Jaims!

    I'm very worried about this because my Windows 10 PC needs to keep the normal IP address that my ISP gives it and it can't be given a different IP address by FreedomE.

    However, I do want to use FreedomE on my iPad and I want my iPad to have the different IP address that FreedomE gives it.

    Is it at all possible for the FreedomE App running on the iPad to change the IP address of the Windows 10 PC just because both the iPad and Windows 10 PC are connected to my home network?

    Thanks again!

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