Can I transfer my subscription to new email address? How does the subscription works?

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I have my present F-Secure subscription on my university email. I am graduating next year. How will I manage my subscription? Can I transfer to new email? Will I have to buy a new subscription?

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    For F-Secure SAFE (and F-Secure TOTAL), perhaps, this article should be useful:

    How do I change My F-Secure account login email address? - F-Secure Community

    By this way - you can change account email by your own. // and I think, this change should also be valid for billing and so things.

    However, if your experience is about F-Secure Internet Security. Or your subscription is pinned to somewhat promotion or collaboration with university (and F-Secure) - then there can be some limitations. Could you provide a bit more information? Or, at least, whether mentioned article with any sense for your situation.

    I am also only an F-Secure user. And, actually, you can try reach their official Support channels (for example, web-chat) there:

    In case of specific situation with account/subscription - their help, assistance and support anyway needed.

    Sorry for my English.


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