I have 3 licenses.

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 2 are free. How can I activate the 2 that are free and how can I get the information about "John DELL" ? Maybe I don't use that license.

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    I will try to re-construct your situation:

    • F-Secure SAFE subscription ('up to three devices / installations' licence);
    • One is used under device that called "John DELL" on your My F-Secure portal;
    • You want to use the rest of available licenses (to install application on your device);

    So, if this is right - then:

    Things to note:

    • there are some system requirements. So, device or operating system should be supported. You could try to find more information about this point under mentioned Help (online documentation) pages; Or by using Knowledgebase articles: Home - F-Secure Community
    • what about "John DELL" installation. For a start, you could try to think if there is someone who you know by John and if he is with DELL device. If so, maybe you can ask / check if this device with active installation. Otherwise, under My F-Secure account portal - try to choose this device logo and read some information about (installation date, for instance). If device logo is not 'shadowed' and there is no any marks... then pretty likely that installation is used / active. Something more than that - depends on your needs.
    • by the way, you could always re-use provided licenses later. I mean, all three ones in use - but you will try to install F-Secure solution on fourth device - then you will be asked about and instructed about an option to release 'unused' one (if there any).

    Alternatively, you can always reach their official Support channels (for example, web-chat). https://www.f-secure.com/en/home/support/contact

    Sorry for my English!



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