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Anybody have a clue about a selftitled package called I definitely have a malware problem, but no antivirus has picked it up. Been fighting it trying to retain sanity for 2 most, and I am beyond over it. Googled the package name and was directed here, though the page it took me to didn't actually mention the specifics I had entered. Hoping for a miracle, cuz as soon as I track down yr name of my nemesis the sooner I can learn how to defeat them. Or in this case the sooner I can return my devices back to full operating levels and regain control of my security. Any info would be awesome, couldn't find anything else that seemed important via Google, and I'm pretty sure the malware/spyware is also responsible for that by redirecting my internet traffic and limiting my actual access because everything takes way too long, and lots of pages listed on big, well known sites, come back with error messages no matter how many times I verify my connection and signal and try again. Thanks.

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