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I think have a general idea what it does, but does it encrypt/prevent keyloggers from recording your keystrokes when you're doing your online banking? I guess this question is stemming from a review I read on pcmag (can't put the link since I'm a new user, but here's the excerpt)

"Banking protection does what it promises, but we're not sure it's as completely protective as some of the competition. It seems possible to that, for example, a data stealer could capture your private data and wait to phone home with it until banking protection ended." and I couldn't find my answer by googling either lol

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    Hi @Chilifries

    DeepGuard provides an additional layer of security to help protect your personal data against being deleted, ransomed, or stolen by harmful applications.

    So DeepGuard takes charge of that, preventing keyloggers from recording banking sessions through the verification of trusted cloud service.

    Read more about DeepGuard.

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