How to get Password Manager to work.

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I have installed the ID-Protection on my laptop. My three E-mail addresses are inserted and are been checked. When I open my Chrome the Password Manager Icon is presented but when I click on the Icon the answer is "The manager.

appen is closed". I havened find the procedure to open the Password Manager. I thought that the manager would open automatically after installation. As you see in the Chrome setting the on position set, But still the manager indicates closed.

What am I doing wrong?.


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    Hi @BaBBen

    From your screenshots, it appears that you have already added the F-Secure ID Protection extension to your Microsoft Edge browser and it has also been authorized.

    If the ID Protection app is not responding, I will suggest closing it from the Task Manager and reload but if you are referring to the autofill, you must ensure that you have also signed in to your ID Protection app itself. That is, launch the application, enter your Master Password and ensure that the program is fully running in the background then the autofill feature can function.

    I hope I was able to address your concerns.



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    Thanks for the respons. By Log in with Master password the problem is solved.

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