How renewal of registration?

How to renew a registration. Auto-refresh does not work.

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  • Juha_Valimaki
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    We renew active beta testers periodically automatically. When contacting us by creating a ticket at, the subscription will be renewed.

    In your case the license has been renewed already as far as I see from name. In order to verify that PM me if you still have not been renewed

    Please note that we want to get feedback on nagging and even expiration every now and then.

  • Ukko
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    Please note that we want to get feedback on nagging and even expiration every now and then.

    Sorry for the feedback (and it is not a request about renewal, actually).

    With beta 8 (at least) - there is an expiration flyer / toast with a pretty button "Renew..." (or so). Should this button do something? // I mean 'flyer / toast' about ".. days left before expiration".

    I mean, when you hit that button - nothing in return. No any page will be opened, or something. Is it only applied to beta build, so.. with stable ones all is fine and good about this flow?



  • HiJakub
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    Thank you very much, the license has been extended.

  • Toweri
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    The "Renew" button on the actual application UI - not the web UI - appears to work as the Beta testing is supposed to work: A message is displayed stating, that the Beta license will be renewed by FS prior to expiration.

    If the license expires, we are prompted to create a bug report at

    (Mine is about to expire after 2.10.2021 - Here's to hoping I don't need to create a bug report! ;) )

  • __Marko__
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    @Juha_Valimaki I don't get your comment about filing a bug report for renewing the subscription. I have done that (SAFE_BUG-03421), but nobody reacts on it. Maybe it is because like @Ville posted on another thread:


    We mostly don't respond to bug reports, since they go to our internal bug tracker which does not have an (automatic) link back to the original report. Since they can go to the improvement backlog, be trashed as duplicate or wait for someone to have time to look at them for a long time, we simply don't have time to respond to them. We do look at all bug reports though.


    (F-Secure R&D)


    So could you Juha do the honor and renew my subscription? Or how does it go?

  • Ivan_Osipov
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    Hi Marko,

    Thanks for your patience, your subscription has been renewed.

  • Hamilleton
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    @Ivan_Osipov Is the renewal automatic or periotic after filing the bug report? I have created the ticket (SAFE_BUG-03475) and the subscription is still expired for now.

  • Juha_Valimaki
    Juha_Valimaki Posts: 43 F-Secure Employee

    @__Marko__ The point @Ville has is that we typically do not reply on the product bug reports, but fix them. But all the issues raised at are handled even if the reply is not there.

    On the subscription renewals, we typically aim to automatically renew them (for the active users as said). Sometimes there might be delay for a reason or another and the bug report should be filed.

    Sorry for the delay in you case!

  • Juha_Valimaki
    Juha_Valimaki Posts: 43 F-Secure Employee

    @Hamilleton Subs are renewed manually, as we want to screen a bit the beta community. Filing bug report ensure that the sub will be renewed.