Full scan crashes/reboots my whole system

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When I initiate a full scan through f-secure safe app, it scans for a while and then crashes my whole system which makes it to reboot. This is a bit annoying. Is anyone else experiencing same kind of behaviour or does someone have a some kind of solution to this? It appears to happen when scanning gets jammed to some file for some reason.

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    Hi @zuuhis79 @CG_Foreau

    Sincere apologies on the issue you are both facing.

    May I kindly recommend that you first perform a clean uninstallation of the F-Secure program using the below UI tool then reinstall the program.



    If issue persists after reinstallation, try the below instructions to fix the problem:

    • Use the following specific fix to disable memory scanning:
      1. Ensure that F-Secure product is up to date. To verify it, please right click on the F-Secure icon on the system tray and select Check for updates
      2. Open regedit with the Windows search function
      3. Open the following folder [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\F-Secure\Ultralight\Settings\
      4. Create a new key called ods.scan_memory.en by right clicking the Settings folder and choose from the menu New -> Key
      5. Right click to create a new DWORD named value in the ods.scan_memory.en folder and assign it the value 0
      6. Reboot computer and try a full scan
      • Check also for possible conflicting products like "WEB Companion"

      If disabling memory scanning does not fix the issue, then it could be that there is a bad block on a hard drive. When the scan reaches the bad block it can cause the computer to freeze. 

      Open the Event Viewer in Windows and see if you can find Event ID 7 in the System logs. Event ID 7 indicates that a hard drive has a bad block. 

      Follow these steps to try to fix the bad block error:

      1. Right-click on the Windows Start menu 
      2. Select Command Prompt (Administrator)
      3. Enter command: chkdsk /r

      A message will appear that tells you that the disk is currently in use, and chkdsk cannot be ran right now. You can schedule the operation to start on the next reboot by entering and pressing Enter. Now you can restart your computer and let the chkdsk operation run to completion. 

      It is very important that you do not shut down your computer during the chkdsk operation, since this can damage your hard drive. This operation can take a few hours to complete, depending on your hard drive and system specifications.


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    I had a similar issue due to the fact that F-Secure scans archive formats by opening them in a folder (I think it was in /var). What happened was that /var was getting filled to the brim by F-Secure and then wouldn't free-up the space because it still wanted to open the archive. Try to disable archive scanning on the target system and see if it still breaks. If it doesn't anymore, you might want to change your configuration or increase /var's partition size.

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