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Hi, I would appreciate your help on following: my family has been using Key free-version as pwd repository, each one individually. We are now in the process of migrating to ID protection. We have all created user id's for the ID protection, and the installed the app in our mobile phones. With some all hickups all good so far. My son and myself managed then successfully sync the apps (Key and ID protection) using the sync code within the mobile phone. My son has Android and I have iPhone. Now when we tried to do the same with my wife's iPhone, we could not manage to find any sync code in her mobile phone Key. In detail: if we open 'Connect devices' in the phone, no sync code is shown. Only place to insert the code from another device. If I compare it to my own phone I can see the sync code, for some reason this is not visible on my wife's phone. I was wondering if I should do it other way and get the code from the ID Protection and insert it to Key? This is not how it described in the migration instructions, so I am puzzled and frustrated.

Can anyone give an advice what to do?

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    Hi, thanks for the comment. I got hold of support from F-Secure. They suggested that I would get the sync code ID protection and type it into KEY. Tried it couple hours ago and it worked out so problem solved. Thanks.


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    Hi @Gerbile

    Sincere apologies for the delay in response.

    F-Secure KEY and ID PROTECTION apps have separate app data on mobiles, so you need the sync to move the data over but may I suggest that you install ID Protection on your wife iPhone and ensure it remains and see if the Vaults automatically updates your password from KEY.

    However, we are in contact with our R&D on this issue. Please give us some time to investigate and proffer a workaround asap. Meanwhile, do not uninstall KEY if the passwords have not yet been synchronized with ID Protection because you may not be able to reinstall KEY again.

    Kindly provide us with the F-Secure KEY version on your wife's iPhone, as well as the iOS version this program is running on?

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