Setting to allow "Scan for viruses" option to use cloud security for scanning.

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I recently discovered a situation whereby the realtime scanner and right click "Scan for Viruses" would not detect a suspicious file within a compressed zip file EVEN when the scan within compressed files is enabled.

Apparently the file will only be scanned once extracted for performance reasons. Big concerns if you were intending to send the zip file onto someone.

I was further advised that the right click "Scan for viruses" option uses a localised database for detection rather than cloud security, hence why it did not detect the exploit within the zip file. Only cloud security picked up the exploit.

I would like to see an option within settings whereby right click Scan for viruses utilises cloud security for maximum protection.

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    Sorry for my feedback.

    In addition to thoughts about "option" to allow utilizing Security Cloud (if not yet), maybe, it is possible to request an option to 'context' scan files in Security Cloud (single per scan, for example, to avoid overload). I mean, "Scan for viruses" and "Scan in Security Cloud" as two different options (maybe too much, but..).

    However, current Scan for viruses maybe anyway utilizes cloud security.. just for certain files (?) - not about that ones inside containers / archives. For example, because archive can be with a lot of other files and to 'loopback' entire zipped item is not too useful; but to decompress all of them can be tricky and risky.

    Based on your words - extracted item was with detection?

    Sorry for my English and for my opinion. I am also only an F-Secure user.