Had a My F-secure account with old SAFE purchase - now NEW TOTAL subscription ask for a new account

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Hello, I have already an account in F-secure being an old customer since 90's

When the new My F-secure account were placed online I did a subscription for SAFE, then expired.

Now I just made a new TOTAL subscription but the procedure ask me to make a new account. Why that?

Can you add my latest subscription to my old "my f-secure" account?


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  • Jaims
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    Hi @AlienXS66

    This is Jaims again. :D

    We have already sorted this out when you contacted our live chat Support.

    In this case, you only need to delete your old SAFE account to give room for the email to be used on the new account.

    To delete your old My F-Secure account;

    1. Log in to My F-Secure portal
    2. Click on Account Settings on the top right corner
    3. Choose I want to permanently delete my account

    Once done, create a new account by clicking on the link on the purchase reference email "Create My F-Secure account" followed by reinstalling the products on your devices.

    Hope that settles it?


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