What is the location when you choose Finland?

martinkmartink Posts: 402 Adventurer

What is the location when you choose Finland?

When I choose Finland as the location Twitter tells me that I have logged in from Helsinki.

Yesterday connections were acting up and Twitter told me I had logged in from Karkkila.

Today it is Helsinki again.

Why did I get Karkkila yesterday and was that OK or was there something wrong with Freedome?


  • LucaseuropaLucaseuropa Posts: 292 Moderator

    Hey @martink

    The location should be Espoo.

    Could you please provide us with more information when does this happen and on which device? Can you post a screenshot of that problem or dm me?

    Thank you.

  • martinkmartink Posts: 402 Adventurer

    This is what I normally use

    This is what Twitter notifies me

    This is what I got the other evening when the connections were a little bit strange

    It only lasted for a few hours amd I did not look at the Freedome UI to see the location there.

    Have not experienced that since then.

    I use Telia as ISP

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