Moving from Key to ID-Protection requires more licenses for more devices?

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I have a Total subscription with 3 Safe/VPN/Key licenses. So far me and my partner have both had Key Installed on 2 computers and our phones and we've been able to sync our own passwords between our own 3 devices without issues. Now, when trying to update to ID-protection on my phone, after the login the app keeps saying I don't have enough licenses and I'd have to release existing ones from other devices. Is it still possible to sync passwords under one "User" or do I have to shell out for 3 extra ID-Protection licenses to get the same service as with Key?

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    Hi @thebenzeboi

    You have explained how the subscription works and the 3 license you purchased should serve the 3 devices you have have. However, if the device is already listed on your My F-Secure portal and you wish to reinstall ID Protection on that device, you need to release the license first before performing a reinstallation else you will encounter the error that there is no sufficient license left.

    Kindly take a look at the accepted answer in this post here for more explanation.

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