I want to use KMPlayer 64X.

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Hello, I hope you are doing well.

I always use KMPlayer 64X.

And, I installed F-Secure Home on My PC.(Windows 10 Pro)

After install F-Secure, KMPlayer 64X doesn't work.

I found the reason.

After turning off the Deep Guard setting, KMPlayer 64X will run.

What should I do?

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    Hey @humbler,

    I totally understand that, therefore you can go to our Submit a Sample page if you would like to send us a sample submission so that will be analyzed by our analysts. Our databases could be then updated if necessary.

    To submit a sample:

    1. Go to our Submit a Sample (SAS) page.
      1. Select the File sample tab. Select Choose File, and attach your sample file.
    2. Tick the I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results box to add in more information and receive feedback on the submitted file or URL sample.
    3. Type in the verification Captcha code.
    4. Click Submit.


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    Dear @humbler,

    You can control which applications DeepGuard allows and blocks.

    Sometimes DeepGuard may block a safe application from running, even if you want to use the application and know it to be safe. This happens because the application tries to make system changes that might be potentially harmful. You may also have unintentionally blocked the application when a DeepGuard pop-up has been shown.

    To allow the application that DeepGuard has blocked:

    1. Open F-Secure program from the Windows Start menu.
    2. On the main view, select Viruses and Threats.
    3. On the Viruses and Threats view, select App and file control. You need administrative rights to access these settings.
    4. Select the Blocked tab. This shows you a list of the applications that DeepGuard has blocked.
    5. Find the application that you want to allow and select Allow.
    6. Select Yes to confirm that you want to allow the application.

    The selected application is added to the Excluded list, and DeepGuard allows the application to make system changes again.

    I hope that the above was helpful.

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    Dear, Lucaseuropa.

    Thank you so much for your response.

    Your information is very useful for me.

    However, KMPlayer updates once a month.

    Having to set it up every time is cumbersome. :(

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