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I downloaded the free f-secure safe for 1 month, but have paid for 12 montth. i have the key for it, too. Could you, please, change it now!

Thank you so much!




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    Hey @hauska !

    Could you please explain what is the issue here more clearly?

    I'm a bit confused because:

    1. You can only download F-Secure SAFE trial version directly from your trial My F-Secure account, meaning that the registration is needed. I can tell by searching our database with your email address that you've created a trial account for F-Secure TOTAL today.
    2. There are no purchases registered with your email address.
    3. There are no license/subscription codes for SAFE/TOTAL upon purchasing it directly via F-Secure.

    Could you, please, change it now!

    May I also ask what should we change? 🙂

    Should you purchase a retail code for SAFE/TOTAL, follow the steps below to renew your subscription with a code,

    1. Log in to My F-Secure with your account username and password.
    2. On the My F-Secure page, select Subscription in the top bar.
    3. Under Overview, select Enter a code. The Redeem your code window opens.
    4. Under Update your current subscription, enter the subscription code that is on the F-Secure retail box or card, then select Continue.
    5. Verify the subscription details, and if everything is correct, select Accept.

    You do not need to do anything to the applications installed on your devices; the new subscription information is automatically updated to them.

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